Renting a Bike in Tulum – Everything You Need to Know in 2024

Renting a Bike in Tulum is a great way to get around the small sleepy beach town, but there are some things you need to know.

While I was living in Tulum, Mexico, I got around primarily by bicycle because I didn’t know how to drive a scooter yet.

If you do know how to ride a scooter, I recommend renting a scooter for your travels in Tulum over a bicycle.

This is because Tulum Centro is around 25 minutes by bike away from the start of the Beach Zone. If you’re traveling to further areas down the Beach Zone, you could be biking for up to 45 minutes from the center of town!

It’s also important to know that biking in Tulum isn’t the romantic idea of bicycling on the beach that might come to mind. In reality, Tulum is an over-crowded tourist mecca with relatively poor infrastructure not built to accommodate the crowds it’s receiving.

If you want to travel short distances, or if you’re staying in the Beach Zone in Tulum, biking is still a good way to get around town.

A blue and white motor scooter similar to a vespa parked in Tulum, Mexico and leaning against a pink stucco wall. On the wall, you can see a beautiful bright blue wooden door.
If possible, I recommend getting around Tulum via motor scooter instead of Bike.

Best Bike Rentals Shops in Tulum

🚴‍♀️ Ola Bikes 

Considered the premier bike shop in Tulum, all the bikes from Ola are brand new and very nice. You’ll see the iconic bright turquoise bikes from Ola all over Tulum. 

You can reserve bikes from Ola ahead of time on their website.

🚴‍♀️ iBike 

iBike is another premium bike rental service in Tulum. It’s less popular and more expensive than Ola, so I would only recommend using them if you want to book ahead of time and Ola is out of bikes. 

🚴‍♀️ El Tigre Tulum

This is probably the cheapest bike shop in Tulum. They don’t offer anything fancy like hotel drop-off or 24-hour call service, but if you want a bike for $5 a day, you can get it at El Tigre! 

mexican pesos

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Bike in Tulum?

Tulum has skyrocketed in popularity over the past five years, but renting a bike is still one of the best bargains in town. 

At one of the more premium bike shops like Ola Bikes, one day is 150 pesos ($8), and a week costs 1,080 pesos ($56). 

At a cheaper shop like El Tigre, it’s 100 pesos ($5) per day and 600 pesos ($30) per week. 

There are add-on services you can choose from, like 24-hour on-call service and hotel drop-off, but these are genuinely the rough prices you can expect to pay for bike rentals in Tulum. 

bike rentals on the beach in Tulum

Katie’s Top Tips for Renting a Bike in Tulum 

✔️ Don’t hand over your passport or ID

You might need your passport/ID for other things while you’re in Tulum, so it’s unadvisable to give a rental company your ID or passport as collateral for the rental. 

Another reason is some rental companies hold passports for ransom in Tulum. It’s a common scam for all types of rentals and not just bikes. 

The rental company will say that there’s some sort of damage done to the bike/ car/ snorkel / etc, and not return your passport until you pay a large fee. 

✔️ Negotiate the safety deposit 

Some rental companies in Tulum demand a deposit of hundreds of dollars when the bike itself isn’t even worth that much!

Don’t shy away from negotiating the cost if you feel like the deposit the rental company is asking for is too high. 

✔️ Make sure your bike lock works 

The first time I rented a bike in Tulum, I didn’t check to see if the bike lock they gave me worked.

After I biked all the way out to the Hotel Zone from the center of town I found the key they gave me didn’t match the lock and I had to walk all the way back! 

✔️ Always take photos and videos of your rental! 

Make sure you take lots of photos and videos of your bike rental at the bike shop before you take it out.

This is so if there’s a scratch or a dent already on your bike when you rent it, you won’t be charged for it later. 

✔️ Write down the bike shop number

Most bike shops in Tulum offer an assistance number you can call if you get a flat tire or if the bike is having problems.

Take a picture of the number, just in case, so if you do have issues with your bike you can call them to come to pick you up.

beach bike rentals in Tulum

Do You Need to Rent a Bike in Tulum? 

While Tulum looks small on a map, the center of town is actually kinda far, around an hour by foot, from the beach. 

If you have a bike, scooter, or some other form of private transportation, it’s much easier to get around Tulum. 

Another reason you should rent a bike is because of the Mexican Taxi Mafia.

A Taxi Mafia is when taxi drivers in a tourist area push out ride-sharing apps so they can price gouge tourists. 

Because of the Taxi Mafia, taxis in Tulum are incredibly expensive and there is no Uber in Tulum.

It’s even rumored that Taxi drivers in Tulum make more than doctors! 

If you’re on a budget, renting a bike in Tulum is one of the best decisions you can make for your wallet. 

It’s also a lot easier to have a bike you can take out whenever you want instead of having to always wait for a cab. 

Do You Need to Book Your Bike Rental in Tulum Ahead of Time?

Yes and no. Tulum will probably never run out of bikes, but if you want a nice premium bike from a shop like Ola you should book ahead of time. Nice bike shops are often sold out during peak season.

Electric bikes which are are becoming very popular in Tulum
Electric bikes are becoming very popular in Tulum

Best Electric Bike Rentals in Tulum 

Electric bikes are slowly taking over Tulum! They’re a great cross between a scooter and a beach bike. 

⚡ Barbel Bike Tulum 

This bike shop is owned by a cute little Italian family and they exclusively rent out electric bikes. You can get in contact with them via phone or email at +52 998 200 8496, and barbelebike@gmail.com.

⚡ Ryde Electric 

Ryde Electric rents out electric bikes and scooters, but with the uneven pavement in Tulum, I wouldn’t recommend taking out an eScooter if you’re planning on traveling far. Ryde offers hotel pickup and drop-off. 

How much does it cost to rent an electric bike in Tulum?

Ebikes from Barbel Bike Shop are 400 pesos ($20) per day, which makes them the cheapest eBike rental in Tulum. 

friends taking a bike tour in tulum. Taking a bike tour in Tulum is an easy stress-free way to meet cool people while traveling.
Taking a bike tour is an easy stress-free way to meet cool people while traveling. (Photo by Ashley Fril via Flickr)

Best Bike Tour in Tulum 

Tours are a great way to meet people while traveling. They’re also the easiest way to see Tulum by bike since you don’t have to worry about anything, the tour company provides a guide, bike, and itinerary. 

Tulum Bike Tour

🚴‍♀️ Cenote Bike Tour in Tulum

✔️ Half-Day tour
✔️ Includes lunch
✔️ Mountain Bike & helmet
✔️ Snorkel & Swim at 2-3 Cenotes in and around Tulum during bicycle breaks
✔️ Zip-line above cenote!

Tulum from above
Tulum from above

4 Hotels in Tulum with Free Bikes

It’s hard to get around Tulum without a bike or a scooter, so a lot of the nicer hotels and Airbnbs offer bikes free of charge with your rental. 

If you’re planning a short trip to Tulum, a week or less, I recommend finding a hotel that includes bikes so you can spend less time looking for a bike rental and more time at the beach! 

  • Casa Malca is a 5-star luxury hotel in the converted former home of Pablo Escobar.
  • Sueños Tulum is another luxury beach-front hotel that offers complimentary bikes, at a lower price point than Casa Malca.
  • Elements Hotel Tulum – the cheapest hotel in Tulum which also offers complimentary bikes to its guests.

If you're going to be in Tulum for one month or longer it makes sense to buy a bike instead of renting one.
If you’re going to be in Tulum for one month or longer it makes sense to buy a bike instead of renting one.

Buying vs Renting a Bike in Tulum

While renting a bike in Tulum is pretty inexpensive, if you’re staying a month or longer I recommend buying a bike instead of renting.

My brand new bike I bought in Tulum Centro cost 2600 pesos ($127), conversely renting from the cheapest bike shop I could find, El Tigre, would cost 2400 pesos per month. 

And the bikes from El Tigre aren’t nearly as nice as the new one that I had bought, so it made more sense to buy a bike for my 2-month stay in Tulum instead of rent. 

At the end of my time in Tulum, I sold my beach bike through Facebook groups, which means I saved a ton of money by buying a bike instead of renting it for my long-term stay in Tulum. 

Best Bicycle Repair Shop in Tulum 

If you rent a bike and get a flat tire you can just contact whichever rental service you used and they will fix it for you. If you buy a bike, you will have to contact a repair shop yourself. 

The bike repair shop in Tulum that I use is Iguana Bike Repair Shop. You can contact them on Whatsapp at +52 984-119-0836. 

Iguana Bike Repair comes to your home to fix your bike. When I popped my front tire it was only 330 pesos ($16), total, for them to come to replace it. 

man stealing bike

Bike Theft in Tulum

My bike was stolen on my first day in Tulum! True story. The rental company I used gave me a key that didn’t match the lock.

So, when I came back to my bike after a night out in the Hotel Zone there was no way to unlock the chain, and I had to leave my bike overnight. 

The next day it was gone! Bikes are stolen all the time in Tulum. People go around with wire cutters in the middle of the night to cut through bike chains. 

Never ever leave your bike out overnight in Tulum! Even on the main street, even in a well-lit area with cameras. 

bike lock

Do You Need a Bike Lock in Tulum?

Yes, you do need a bike lock in Tulum. It’s important to lock your bike at all times and don’t leave it tied up outside at night. My bike was stolen in Tulum while it was tied up at night, and everyone I met who got around Tulum by bicycle had at least one stolen.

Although it’s pretty unlikely your bike will be stolen in the daytime while biking in Tulum, you definitely need to have a bike chain if you’re leaving your bike unattended. 

There’s not a lot of crime in Tulum, but bike theft is extremely common. 

bike helmets you'll need for biking in Tulum.

Safety Tips for Biking in Tulum

I believe it’s generally safe to bike in Tulum. Sure, there’s barely any sidewalk or shoulder, and the roads are a mess, but I got around Tulum by bicycle for three months while I lived there without mishap.

There is a lot of traffic in Tulum on Highway 307 and in the Hotel Zone, and there have also been reports of solo bikers being mugged at machete point in the more remote areas.

Here are some safety tips for biking in Tulum:

✅ There are no street lights in the residential areas of Tulum like La Valeta and Aldea Zama, make sure your bike has a light if you’re going to be using it at night. 

✅ Don’t bike on bike paths (not paved roads) at night. There are stories of bandits with machetes waiting for bikers to rob on bike paths. You can bike around Tulum at night, but bike paths are more dangerous than roads because you need to bike slowly. 

✅ If you’re going to be using a navigation app, use a phone mount so you don’t need to look down at your phone while you’re driving.

✅ Wear a helmet! Tulum has a laid-back beach attitude that makes it easy to not stress about things like helmets, but it’s better safe than sorry. 

✅ Get a bike with a bell! Pedestrians are in vacation mode in Tulum, totally not looking out for bikes, and you’ll need a bell to avoid crashing into someone. 

✅ Pack lots of water, it’s very hot, and biking in Tulum is hard work!

Tulum Ruins is just one of the amazing activities in Tulum you can easily get to by bike.
Tulum Ruins is just one of the amazing activities in Tulum you can easily get to by bike.

Where Can You Go in Tulum by Bike?

By bike, you can easily explore Tulum Centro, also called Tulum Pueblo, the Hotel Zone, the beach, and some attractions like the Tulum Ruins and some of the cenotes closer to Tulum. 

If you want to explore the farther activities in Tulum, I suggest renting a scooter instead of a bike.

It’s more expensive, but if you know how to ride a scooter it’s a good investment in your trip!

👉 Book your Tulum scooter rental ahead of time by clicking here. 👈

7 Cenotes You Can Reach by Bike in Tulum 

Taking a Cenote tour in Tulum was one of the best things I did while living there, along with visiting Sian Kaan Bio Reserve and Tulum Ruins.

Most of the cenotes are located far out from Tulum, even as much as an hour’s drive, but there are a few cenotes closer to home you can visit by foot or bicycle.

blogger Katie caf sits on a swing in the center of Cenote Calavera, in Tulum.

1. Cenote Calavera 

One of the most famous cenotes in Mexico, Cenote Calavera is a very popular photo spot only a 10-minute bike ride out of Tulum Centro. 

Tip: Go early before the crowds! Cenote Calavera opens at 9 AM and by 10:30 AM it’s already packed. 

laguna kaan luum in tulum  is one cenote you can reach by biking from Tulum Centro.

2. Laguna Kaan Luum 

My personal favorite place to spend the day in Tulum. Laguna Kaan Luum is a beautiful open-air cenote. 

A 40-minute bike ride from Tulum Centro, Laguna Kaan Luum is the farthest cenote from Tulum on this list, but it’s well worth the visit! 

Tip: There’s nowhere to buy food and water at Laguna Kaan Luum, so pack a picnic and bring lots of water if you plan on biking there! 

3. Cenote Corazon 

Cenote Corazon is another open-air cenote that is located halfway between Laguna Kaan Luum and Tulum Centro. 

This cenote is named “Corazon”, which is Spanish for “Heart” because when seen from above Cenote Corazon is perfectly heart-shaped. 

Cenote Corazon is about a half hour from Tulum Centro by bike.

Cenote Aldea Zama in Tulum is one Cenote you can reach by biking from Tulum Centro.

4. Cenote Aldea Zama

Cenote Aldea Zama is only free and uncommercialized cenote in Tulum! Located in the Aldea Zama residential area between the Hotel Zone and Tulum Centro. You can find Cenote Aldea Zama by its location marker on Google Maps. 

Tip: Cenote Aldea Zama is the smallest cenote on the list, go as early as possible, like 7 AM, to get a spot! 

gran cenote in Tulum is one Cenote you can reach by biking from Tulum Centro.
Gran Cenote

5. Gran Cenote

Gran Cenote is right next to Cenote Calavera and is only a 15-minute bike ride from Tulum Centro. 

cenote zacil-ha in tulum is one Cenote you can reach by biking from Tulum Centro.
Cenote Zacil Ha (Photo by Universal Traveller by Tim K via Flickr)

6. Cenote Zacil-Ha

Cenote Zacil-Ha is one of the more newly commercialized cenotes near Tulum. It offers lots of amenities like hammocks, a pool with a waterslide, and platforms to jump off of into the cenote. 

Cenote Zacil-Ha is about 10 minutes past Gran Cenote on Highway 109, about a 25-minute bike ride outside of Tulum Centro. 

Cenote Carwash in Tulum is one Cenote you can reach by biking from Tulum Centro.
(Photo by Bernard DUPONT via Flickr)

7. Cenote Carwash

Right next to Cenote Zacil-Ha is Cenote Carwash. Cenote Carwash is a large open-air cenote that is popular with divers for its crystal clear water. 

Cenote Carwash is larger and usually less crowded than Cenote Zacil Ha and Cenote Calavera. It’s also cheaper, at only 50 pesos entrance fee. 

Renting a Bike in Tulum: Conclusion

Thank you for reading until the end of my article – I hope this guide helps you stay safe while biking and save money on your next trip to Tulum!

Just to recap, I don’t think biking is the best way to get around Tulum because it’s actually quite a big place with very poorly designed roads that aren’t good for biking.

The issue is, that there are no other good alternatives for getting around town.

There’s no Uber in Tulum, and the taxi drivers are kinda scammy and hard to get a hold of unless you’re in the town center.

While I think getting around Tulum via motor scooter is the better option, prices in Tulum have skyrocketed in recent years so scooter rentals will go above many traveler’s budgets.

If you do rent a bicycle, always keep it locked up, and never leave your bike outdoors overnight. I had my bike stolen in Tulum when someone cut my bike lock, and I know so many other people who have as well.

While it was difficult biking half an hour in the heat and traffic to get wherever from the hotel zone to the center of town each time I wanted to go somewhere, I managed to make it work and got around Tulum by bicycle and taking Colectivos (shared taxis) and first-class buses during the three months I lived there.

I hope you have a great time biking in Tulum!


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