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All About the Epic Finns Beach Club in Canggu, Bali

Finns Beach club in Canggu, Bali, photographed at sunset via drone.

✔️ Finn’s Beach Club Quick Guide 

All About Finns Beach Club in Canggu, Bali 

Finns Beach Club is proudly touted as the best beach club in the entire world – And while that title is subjective, it’s certainly the most popular beach club in Bali!  A trip to Finns is a not-to-miss activity for any Bali trip. Located in Canggu, which is Bali’s Party Capital, Finns has a reputation for being a fun time. 

🎉 Finns Beach Club: Vibe 

Finns definitely has more of a “party” vibe, unless you go early in the day. Even by the afternoon, like 3 PM, the party was already in full swing with live music spraying mist onto dancing partiers in bikinis. After 5 p.m., the music gets louder, and it gets a lot more crowded as guests pile in to view the amazing sunset view from Finn’s floating beach beds. 

Loud dance-music, (think pop hits from 1980-now), floods the speakers, everyone is drinking, dancing, swimming, and taking pics. There’s not a ton of relaxing going on, at least after the party starts as it gets closer to evening! If you want a fun day/night out, I recommend Finns, 100%. 

Visitors Info: Address: 📍 Jl. Pantai Berawa No.99, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 Hours:  ⏰ 10 AM – 12 AM Everyday

The entry sign at Finns Beach Club in  Canggu, Bali.

Finns Beach Club Prices & Entrance Fees 

Finns doesn’t charge an entrance fee for General Admission, so you can pop in any time to check it out on your trip to Bali. In addition, if you’re going to Finns as a walk-in, you can get a 50% discount on minimum consumption requirements by arriving before 2 PM, and there’s no minimum consumption if you arrive after 8 PM. However, while these discounts sound great, if you know you want a beach bed I don’t recommend relying on walk-ins because they frequently sell out! 

💰 Entry Price: General Admission at Finns Beach Club is 100% free unless you’re going during one of their events like Finns Day Out or Finns NYE Party. 

💰 Finns Beach Club Minimum Spend 

  • Single beds start at 1,100,000 IDR
  • Beach Beds start at 5,000,000 IDR
  • Lagoon Beds start at 5,500,000 IDR 

🍾 Finns VIP Minimum Spend

  • Single VIP beds from 1,750,000 IDR 
  • VIP Beach beds from 5,000,000 IDR 

🎉 Finn’s Day Out (Event) Prices 

  • General Entrance starts at 500,000 IDR
  • Lagoon Party Beds start at 20,000,000 IDR (& includes entrance for up to 10 people)
Katie’s Tips ✶

If you arrive after 8 PM, Finns advertises no minimum spends for their beach beds, and 50% off if you arrive before 2 PM – This is for walk-ins. But note, that many beds are sold out by this time, and I recommend making reservations online if you know you want a spot! 

👉 Note!  These prices are prone to change (and frequently do). Please reach out to Finns for up-to-date pricing before you plan your trip!

My Top Tips for Visiting Finns Beach Club 

Finns Beach Club is huge – Finns is so big that its VIP section could compromise an entire beach club in its own right! The VIP section at Finns Beach Club costs a little bit more, but comes with a variety of added benefits, and has its own infinity pool and section of the club. 

I think if you’re coming early in the day and planning on spending a good chunk of time at Finn’s, then VIP access is a great way to get a bit more out of your visit! 

What Comes With VIP At Finns Beach Club 

  • Welcome drinks 
  • Exclusive menu
  • Free water
  • Free locker
  • Cold face towel
  • Complimentary sunscreen 
  • Phone charging station 
  • Complimentary refreshments 
  • Valet service 

Finns has great price transparency and makes it super easy to research and plan your trip on their website. 

The security check at Finns Beach Club.
The security check at Finns Beach Club.

Be Ready for the Security Check

Finns has one of the most intense security checks I’ve ever encountered in Bali – It was almost like going through an airport! This is a good thing, just be aware that they check all bags + scooter wells, and cars before you’re allowed entrance.

❌ Items Not Allowed at Finns Beach Club 

  • Weapons (Obviously)
  • Outside Food & Drinks 
  • Drones & Professional Cameras

When I arrived at 4 PM all of the VIP beds and even the general beach beds were completely sold out! 👉 Either make a reservation ahead of time online or make sure to arrive early if you want a beach bed.

While Finns is advertised as being a mostly family-friendly destination (in the daytime, that is), there are a few areas that are only for adults, 18+. Per Finn’s rules and regulations, the 18+ areas are the following: 

  • Finns Beach Party 
  • VIP Oceanfront Pool 
  • Rooftop Bar
The sign at Finns Beach Club showing that they have strict no face tattoos rule.
Finns Beach Club has a very strict “No Face Tattoos” policy.

Finns has signs all over stating that no one with face or head tattoos will be permitted entrance. While I have not personally experienced this, I’ve read about patrons with face tattoos being denied entry on Bali Expat Facebook groups.  

If you arrive before 2 PM as a walk-in you can save 50% on your minimum consumption fees! 

Right now lockers and towels at Finns Beach Club are 50 K IDR per rental, but if you want to rent a locker you need to provide a 450K security deposit – So 500K total. When you return your locker key at the end of your stay, you get your 450K deposit back. 

Finns beach club photographed from above.

Finns Beach Club Review

Finns Beach Club is just. good. fun. – It doesn’t try to be anything it’s not, and it’s completely unpretentious. It’s not fancy, even if you’re in their VIP area, especially by Bali standards. In my opinion, it’s the more common-man beach club in Bali, appealing to everyone by having fair prices (100% free entry) and playing popular music. Because it appeals to everyone, everyone goes there. While other beach clubs may be dead on a Friday at 5 PM, Finns is dependable to be fun!

I’m going to be honest, I don’t have a single negative thing to say about Finns. It completely lives up to the hype and expectations in every way, in my opinion.

That being said, Finns, both the Recreation and Beach Clubs, just match my vibe – So while I really enjoy them, they won’t be for everyone! The good news is Bali pretty much has a beach club for every vibe, so if Finns aren’t for you, you can definitely find one that’s better suited. 

Finns, in my opinion, has a similar vibe to Sandbar – Which is a bar where people in Canggu go out at the end of the night that also plays dance-hall hits, and is just for people goofy dancing and having a good time. 

There’s no House/Techno music if you want that I recommend the Canggu club, “The Vault” – And due to the super-fun party atmosphere at Finns, there aren’t a lot of influencers running amok, (if you want somewhere photogenic to take your pics, I rec Savaya in Uluwatu!). 

🚨 Note! I know this review is glowing, but I’m not being paid by Finns in any way, (but if anyone who works there is reading this, feel free to ask for my PayPal @!)

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