Is Space 220 Worth It? NO! But The New Lounge Is! (2023 REVIEW)

I’m going to be 100% honest with you, I do not think Epcot’s Space 220 restaurant is worth it – At least, not in 2023.

I recently went to Epcot in Florida’s Walt Disney World and had a wonderful meal at the new lounge option at Space 220, which inspired me to write this article.

I do not believe Space 220 restaurant in Epcot is worth the price tag anymore because they just came out with a new lounge addition.

At Space 220’s Lounge, you can get the exact same experience as the 3-course prix-fixe dinner menu for a tiny fraction of the price! Keep reading to find out how.

Space 220 elevator which launches you into orbit 220 miles above planet earth.
The view from Space 220’s elevator.
the chamber where they grow food in Epcots new space 220 restaurant.
How they grow food onboard the space shuttle.

Is Epcot’s Space 220 Restaurant Worth It? 

A lot of people want to know if Space 220 is worth it for the hefty price tag – and well, I think it is on one condition. If you’re just going to the lounge (not the restaurant) I think Space 220 is worth it. 

You get the exact same experience at the Space 220 lounge as you do at the restaurant (they’re in the same room), for a fraction of the cost. 

Other 3-course Disney prix-fixe dining experiences, like Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom, don’t have a lounge option – so you might as well save some money (and valuable park time!) for restaurants that don’t have a quick option.

If I’m being honest, the elevator was the most exciting part of the whole experience.

So, spending hours at Space 220 for an $80 3-course meal doesn’t necessarily seem worth it to me when there are a ton of great places to eat in Epcot that are much cheaper. 

Inside the elevator that "launches" you into orbit at Space 220 restaurant and lounge.
Inside the elevator that “launches” you into orbit at Space 220

Space 220 Lounge vs. Restaurant

Don’t feel like spending $79 per person for a 3-course meal? Neither did we! Especially in Epcot, home of the really really good (and relatively* cheap) food. 

After a long day of eating-around-the-World-Showcase, I couldn’t manage another three courses, so we booked Space 220’s new Lounge, which offers a small bites menu as well as the option to get the original prix fixe 3-course meal. 

The lounge option is in the same room as the restaurant, you take the same elevator up, and you can still get the 3-course set menu there if you want to. 

Lounge reservations are easier to get, and the only real “downside” is you can’t sit right up against the space window, those seats are for the restaurant. Everything else about the experience is pretty much the same! 

Visiting the lounge instead of the restaurant takes the prerequisite cost of visiting Space 220 down from around $100 per person (including tax + tip) to around $30 per person, and is what I would recommend. 

Can You Eat at the Space 220 Lounge?

Yes! You can eat at both Space 220 Lounge and Restaurant. The difference is the lounge offers a small bites menu as well as the traditional prix fixe option.

How Long Does it Take to Eat at Space 220’s Lounge?

The experience of visiting Space 220 Lounge doesn’t have to take more than an hour since you’re ordering off a small plates and drinks menu. If you’re doing the full 3-course meal from the restaurant, I would budget 2 hours! 

Can You Get into Space 220’s Lounge Without a Reservation?

Nope! Not in 2023 at least. Every day during our 4-day Disney trip (and in the weeks approaching it) Space 220 restaurant was completely booked out.

We lucked out on our second to last day and were able to secure a spot at the lounge when someone canceled through the “Disney My Experience” mobile app. 

How Hard is it to Get Into Space 220’s Lounge?

You need a reservation (in advance!) for both Space 220 Lounge and Restaurant, but it was easier for us to get a booking at the Lounge. During our 4-day Disney World trip we didn’t see a single reservation for the restaurant open up!   

The dining room at Epcot's new restaurant Space 220 actually looks like you're in outer space. There's a screen behind the diners depicting orbiting in outer space as people enjoy their meals.
The Dining Room at Space 220

All About Epcot’s Space 220 

Epcot’s newest themed restaurant, Space 220, is located in the same complex as the famous ride “Mission: SPACE” that opened all the way back in 2003. 

We went on Mission: SPACE before dinner (and I would recommend you do as well because it’s a little bit too bumpy to go on right after eating!) to get into the space spirit.

I thought the ride holds up as a great counterpart to the restaurant, despite being 20 years older! 

An astronaut suit from Epcot's "Mission: SPACE" ride that's the counterpart to Space 220 restaurant.
From Epcot’s “Mission: SPACE” ride that’s the counterpart to Space 220 restaurant.

Both the ride and the restaurant simulate launching you into orbit, in the Mission: Space version you’re an astronaut training on a mission, and in Space 220 you’re dining on a space shuttle orbiting the globe. 

The name Space 220 is from the fact that you’re supposed to be dining 220 miles above planet Earth.

The “window” in the dining room is actually a massive screen that showcases the view from your space station, complete with astronauts floating in and out of view. 

Is Epcot’s Space 220 Lounge Actually In Space?

Wouldn’t it be cool if it was? Haha – Unfortunately, Space 220 isn’t actually in outer space. 

The restaurant is an outer-space theme and everything is done up to the last detail to make you feel like you’re dining on a space station orbiting planet Earth. 

Space 220 is physically located in Epcot Theme Park in Disney World, which is located in Orlando, Florida. BUT The theming is done so well you will actually feel like you’re dining in outer space!

The menu at Space 220 - Epcot's new themed restaurant which is "actually" in outer space!
The Menu at Space 220

Space 220 Menu 

Space 220 is open for Lunch and Dinner from 11 AM – 9 PM. If you book the restaurant you have the option to choose from a 2-course lunch or 3-course prix fixe dinner for $55 and $79 per person, respectively. 

Space 220 is considered a fine-dining restaurant and the menu is pretty high-end. 

Expect seared salmon, filet mignon, braised short rib, and lobster. All with “space-themed” names like “Galactic Miso Salmon”, “Slow Rotation Zero-G Short Rib”, and “Neptuna Nicoise”. 

The courses aren’t just 1st, 2nd, 3rd – instead, they’re also given the space treatment and are instead called “Lift-Offs”, “Star Course”, and “Supernova Sweets”. 

Children of 9 years and younger have the option to order off a kids’ menu (for a much cheaper price tag of $29) that features kid favorites like “Spaceghetti”, “Galactic Cupcake”, and “Mission Macaroni”. 

Space 220 serves alcoholic drinks and they’re all fun, space-themed, and heavily gimmicked. You can expect all of the signature cocktails to have a fun add-on. For example, some are served in a smokey bell jar, others are poured thematically over cotton candy, and one bubbles up like a potion due to the presence of Pop Rocks. 

If you book the lounge instead of the restaurant you have the option to order their signature 3-course prix fixe menu, or from a small-bites menu.

Space Pavilion at Epcot which is home to the Space 220 Restaurant as well as the ride Mission: SPACE.
Space Pavilion at Epcot which is home to the Space 220 Restaurant as well as the ride Mission: SPACE.

Epcot’s Space 220: FAQs

Common questions about Space 220 in Epcot:

Is there a dress code for Space 220?

Space 220 is inside Epcot Park and even though it’s a relatively high-end dining experience, most people visit park-wear (think shorts, t-shirts, Mickey caps, and sneakers). 

The casual atmosphere at Space 220 is also very kid-friendly! 

specialty alcoholic cocktail being poured over cotton candy at Epcot's Space 220 restaurant and lounge in Disney World.
bubbling specialty cocktail at Space 220 restaurant.

Do They Sell Alcohol at Space 220? 

YES! The bar menu with lots of specialty space-themed cocktails is one of the main draws to Space 220 Lounge & Restaurant. 

The cocktails at Space 220 all have a fun draw to them: some will be bubbling like a cauldron, others served in a smokey bell jar, and some are made by pouring liquor over cotton candy. 

Be warned though, in typical Disney fashion, the Space 220 signature cocktails are super sweet! 

The view from Space 220s elevator as it "launches" you into outer space.
The view from the Space 220s elevator as it “launches” you into outer space.

Is the Space 220 Elevator Real or Fake? 

Similar to Epcot’s famous “Mission Space” ride next door, Space 220’s elevator to outer space operates via a simulator that makes it look (and feel!) like you’re being launched into orbit.

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