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La Brisa Beach Club in Bali: 2024 Guide to Visiting

La Brisa Beach Club is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Canggu area – The famous La Brisa Sunsets are all over Instagram reels, and it’s one of the top recommended spots to visit in Bali – Especially if you visit on weekends for their famous Sunday Market. 

✔️ La Brisa Quick Guide  

A girl in a black t-shirt and white baseball cap works on her laptop with the sunset in the background at La Brisa Beach Club in Canggu, Bali.

All About La Brisa Beach Club

La Brisa is famous for being one of the most Instagrammable sunset spots in all of Bali, and that’s for a good reason! The sunsets on Bali’s western coast are considered the most spectacular on the island. La Brisa Beach Club, with its Spanish-Galleon-Shipwreck theme, has an unbeatable vibe to watch the surfers as the sun goes down at the end of a long day on the Island of Gods. 

Mainly serving Spanish Tapas and Mediterranean food, with a Bali twist (of course), you’ll find dishes like Char-Grilled Octopus, and Tomato Burrata Salad, next to island classics like fresh whole coconut. Make sure not to miss the Paella Pop-Up stand every weekend at their Sunday Market – The Sunday Market at La Brisa is open 10 AM – 4 PM and is a not-to-miss Canggu activity. 

A live DJ performing at La Brisa Beach Club in Canggu, Bali.

Things You Can Do at La Brisa Beach Club 

🌅 Watch the Best Sunset in Canggu 🇪🇸 Eat ALL The Spanish Tapas 🍋 Visit the Sunday Market 🥘 Hold Lunch At Their Sunday Street Food Hall 🏄‍♀️ Watch the Surfers 🚣‍♂️ Book the Unique “Boat” Day Bed 🍕 Eat a Wood-Fired Pizza 💨 Have a Hookah by the Beach 🍹 Enjoy Their Specialty Cocktails 

La Brisa Beach Club in Canggu, Bali, photographed at sunset with the beach in the background.

La Brisa Beach Club Prices & Entrance Fees 

La Brisa doesn’t charge an entrance fee for their beach club, or their Sunday Market. The only time you would have to pay an entrance fee at La Brisa Beach Club in Bali is if you’re attending one of their events, which are usually held in the evening. Instead of charging an entrance fee, La Brisa has minimum consumption requirements for certain beach beds at their club.

La Brisa Beach Club Minimum Spend

Depending on which seat you choose at La Brisa Beach Club, there are different minimum consumption amounts you need to meet: 

Bean Bag chairs on the beach at La Brisa Beach Club in Canggu, Bali.
Bean Bag chairs at La Brisa Beach Club

Bean Bags 

The iconic bean bag seats are scattered all around La Brisa – Most with fantastic views of the beach and sunset. The bean bag chairs are first come first serve, and are seated in pairs of two. 

💰Price: 600K Rupiah Minimum Consumption, sits 2 People.

Blue and White striped Sofa Beds facing the beach at La Brisa Beach Club in Canggu, Bali.
Sofa Beds facing the beach at La Brisa Beach Club.

Sofa Bed 

💰Price: 1.4 Million Rupiah Minimum Consumption, sits 5 People.

💡 Tip! After 5 PM there are smaller sofa beds available at the front of La Brisa for sunset, these sit two and are only 600K IDR min spend. 

The Big Day beds at La Brisa Beach Club, some of which are double-decker and Cabana Style.
The Big Day beds at La Brisa, some of which are double-decker and Cabana Style.

Big Day Beds 

The big day beds at La Brisa are something special – They come in covered cabana-style, or like a typical beach bed. Some are even double-deckers! 

💰Price: 2 Million Rupiah Minimum Consumption, sits 8-10 People.

A sunset table at La Brisa Beach Club.
A sunset table at La Brisa Beach Club.

Sunset Tables 

Unfortunately, tables that used to have no minimum spend at La Brisa now do! Basically, anywhere with a great view of the sunset, whether top or bottom floor, expect to meet a minimum consumption. 

💰Price:  1.8 Million Rupiah Minimum Consumption, sits 4 People. 

The "Boat" Beach Bed at La Brisa Beach Club in Canggu, Bali.
The “Boat” Beach Bed at La Brisa.

“The Boat” 

The famous boat bed at La Brisa is an iconic part of the Spanish shipwreck-themed beach club. With front-row views of the beach, it’s a great way to spend a memorable time at La Brisa!

💰Price: 2 Million Rupiah Minimum Consumption, Sits 4 People.

👉 Note! These prices are prone to change (and frequently do!) 

La Brisa: Menu 

The menu at La Brisa is what I would describe as “Tropical Tapas”. There’s a heavy emphasis on Mediterranean cuisines, like char-grilled Octopus, Calamari, and cheese & charcuterie boards – But you’re also able to find more island-vibes dishes like tropical fruit platters, coconut ice cream, and fresh whole coconut drinks. In addition to the Tapas, there’s also a Japanese influence on their menu with items like Poke Bowls and Edamame. 

My Top Tips for Visiting La Brisa Beach Club 

The bean-bag cushions are first-come-first-serve, so get there a bit before sunset if you want to secure a beach bed with the best views! 

While La Brisa is GREAT because it offers a ton of different seating options with beach views, there are definitely some beach beds that are better than others! I recommend reaching out beforehand and making reservations for the best seats – These would be the famous “Boat” (there’s only one!), any of the large ocean-facing 2-story cabanas, and any of the sofas with direct ocean view. 

“The Boat” is the most Insta-Famous spot at La Brisa. Keeping with the Spanish-Pirate-Galleon-Cum-Shipwreck theme, there’s one extra-special beach bed that, as the name implies, is an elevated little boat. The Boat seats 4 (but realistically, more comfortably two), the Boat has unobscured beach-front views, and is a cool experience if you’re trying to make the most of your day at La Brisa. 

I was surprised by this! The portions at La Brisa, even the meals marked as “Big Plates” on their menu, are teeny tiny. I’m a relatively small person, at only 5 ft 3, but even for me their menu options marked as “Big Plates” are more like an appetizer. 

💡 Tip! If you’re visiting La Brisa with a big appetite from all your Bali Adventures, order a pizza! The other portions on the menu are quite small. 

There are two pools at the club, and it’s pleasant to see kids having a blast in them during the daytime hours since usually pools at beach clubs are just for drunk tourists. In the daytime, La Brisa has a family-friendly atmosphere – Yes, people are drinking and smoking hookah, but it’s such a large venue with lots of private nooks, it’s easy to feel like all that’s far away. 

Do know though that after sunset the music gets louder, the bass starts pumping, and La Brisa loses its family-friendly atmosphere! 

Every day from 10 AM – 12 PM, La Brisa offers a big discount on their daybeds. It really pays off to get there early because there are no time maximums on the daybeds, so you can secure your sunset spot for half-off if you arrive before noon! 

A vendor at La Brisa Beach Club's Sunday Market selling fresh produce and homemade jam.

All About La Brisa’s Sunday Market 

Selling genuine handmade goods direct from craftsmen, the Sunday Market also has a farmer’s market pop-up where you can buy fresh produce and homemade bread, as well as a street food stall section. While visiting the Sunday Market is the perfect chill daytime activity in Canggu, I recommend going early, preferably before 11 AM, because it is known to get crowded and sell out of popular items! 

Pros & Cons of La Brisa Beach Club in Canggu 

✔️ La Brisa: Pros 

✔️ There’s enough seating at La Brisa that everyone can get a fantastic view of the sunset.

✔️ La Brisa is probably the best sunset spot in Canggu if not all of Bali! 

✔️ No entry fee or minimum spend for entrance.

✔️ Amazing Sunday Market 

✔️ VERY fast wifi for a beach club: 100 MBPS! 

✔️ 50% Minimum spend discount 10 AM – 12 PM.

✔️ Great theming: They’re not trying to please everyone at La Brisa, but with its limited menu it does what it does very well! 

✔️ Casual Atmosphere – You can feel comfortable dipping into La Brisa just as if it were a beach restaurant to watch the sunset, it doesn’t take a lot of planning or booking. 

❌ La Brisa: Cons 

❌ Pretty small portions, even for the things marked as “Big Plates” on the menu.

❌ They confiscate water bottles – This always annoys me, I get not offering complimentary water, but c’mon! 

As I mentioned earlier in this article, I genuinely enjoy going to La Brisa, and I think it’s one of the most easy-going beach clubs in Bali. Its casual, laid-back atmosphere makes it an easy place to go during the day with some friends. 

I go to La Brisa all the time when I’m in Canggu just to get lunch with a beach view. For CoWorking, it’s been great, there’s 100 MBPS wifi and a counter seating area right at the beachfront with no minimum spend. 

Because of the overhead palm trees, most areas of La Brisa have natural shade, so there’s no need for a canopy over every table obscuring the view. I’ve written about other beach clubs in Bali, like Potato Head, that don’t offer any shade on their smaller daybeds or tables, and it makes it difficult to spend more than a few hours there – La Brisa doesn’t have that problem. 

So, what I’m trying to say is, I’m a big fan of this beach club! 

Things to consider, maybe possible negatives of La Brisa – There is a very limited menu, but they also have simple fare like pizza and burgers for picky eaters.

I like Spanish food, but I did find the portions to be quite small, especially for their “Signature Dish”, the charr-grilled octopus. They just need to add some slices of toast to it or something. Seriously! It’s teeny tiny, more like an appetizer. The good thing is the small portions make it easy to meet the minimum spending requirements at La Brisa. 

Another possible negative is it’s very casual and chill. It’s a great place to relax with friends but if you’re looking for a “party” Bali Beach Club, this probably isn’t your place! Instead, I would consider Finns Beach Club or Mrs. Sippy, which are both near La Brisa, if you want a crazy day/night out.

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