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Is There Uber In Italy & Rome In 2023? READ THIS FIRST! 

Wondering If There’s Uber In Italy In 2023? 

Good news! There IS Uber in Rome & Italy in 2023. In fact, Uber just went through a massive expansion in Italy in 2022 when it partnered with the transportation app ITaxi, and now it’s available in more cities than ever! 

Keep reading for a complete guide to using Uber in Rome & Italy in 2023! 

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Is There Uber In Italy In 2023? 

Good news! There IS Uber in Italy in 2023. In fact, Uber just did a massive expansion in Italy last year in 2022 which allowed 12,000 taxi drivers from all over the country to use the platform. 

Previous to the 2022 expansion, Uber was only readily available in large cities like Rome, Milan, Turin, and Bologna. 

Now, in many smaller cities in Italy, you can still use the Uber app but it will connect you with traditional metered cabs in areas where there are no Uber cars available. 

a photo of the Amalfi coast at sunset. The amalfi is one of many spots in italy that now has access to Uber due to their 2022 expansion.
(Photo from Canva).

What You NEED To Know About Uber In Italy In 2023

✔️ Uber Has Expanded In Italy – It used to only be available in major cities, and then only as the “Black Car” luxury service. 

✔️ There Is NO Traditional Uber In Italy – You have the option to take an “Uber Black“, which is Uber’s more up-scale car service, or hail a traditional medallioned Italian Taxi through the Uber app in most cities. 

⭐️ Uber X, which is the standard version of the taxi service popular in other countries like the United States, does not exist in Italy. 

✔️ Taxis Are Stricly Regulated In Italy – The reason there is no traditional Uber in Italy is due to the stringent taxi regulations imposed in the country. 

Taxi drivers in Italy need to spend a TON of money and time to get licensed, so an Italian court deemed it unfair competition for Uber drivers to offer cheap rides while not being licensed. 

Uber got around this by launching mainly Uber Black and Uber Lux in Italy, which aren’t deemed to be competing with traditional cabs because they are considered “luxury services”. 

✔️ Italy Quick Guide

Airport – You can book your airport transportation ahead of time here.

Hotels – For hotels in Italy I like to use Booking.com because it’s reliable and accepts credit cards from all nationalities. 

Tours – I always use Viator to book tours and day trips in Italy!

two girls smiling in front of the main Piazza in Venice, Italy. Venice is one of the places in Italy tourists will find it difficult to use Uber.
Uber isn’t commonly used in places like Venice Italy

Is Uber Safe In Italy? 

Uber IS just as safe to use in Italy as it is anywhere else in the world. 

It can even be argued that Uber is safer to use in Italy than in other countries, like the United States, which has more lax taxi regulations than Italy does. 

That being said, there are a few safety tips I ALWAYS try to adhere to while using ride-hailing apps and taxis in foreign countries. keep reading for my top safety tips! ⤵️

📲 Safety Tips For Using Uber In Italy

✅ Always take a picture of your Uber driver’s license plate (and make sure they saw that you took a picture!). 

✅ Use Uber’s “share-ride” feature to share your trip with your emergency contacts in live time. 

✅ Ask your Uber driver for your name before getting in the car. Some taxis will pretend to be your Uber driver because they just want some work. 

✅ Get a local Italian SIM card so you have data during your trip in case you need to call someone. 💡 Tip: You will need an unlocked phone for this! 

✅ You can download a map of your city offline on Google Maps so you can track your trip even if you don’t have cellular signal. 

a statue in Rome, italy, lit from a skylight. Rome is one of the only places in Italy Uber is commonly available.
A statue in Rome, Italy.

Uber & Taxi SCAMS In Italy To Avoid! 

🚩 “Meter Is Broken” Scam – All legal medallioned taxis in Italy are required to have a meter, so if any taxi driver claims their meter is “broken” they’re just trying to scam you!

🚩 Driving Around To Drive Up The Meter Scam – This is the taxi scam I fell for when I was studying abroad in Italy. Basically, taxi drivers will take the “scenic route” and run up the meter when they get foreign tourists in the cab. 

They can do this easily because foreigners are oblivious to the most direct routes and how long drives are supposed to take. 

🚩 “You Only Gave Me 5 Euros” Scam – If you’re paying in cash, which you have to do more often than not in Italy, a taxi driver might claim you only gave him a 5 Euro bill when you actually gave him a 20 or 50! 

They do this by keeping a €5 bill in the palm of their hand ready to show you as “proof” you only gave them 5! This scam is sadly quite common in Rome.

screenshot from the Uber app showing The different types of Uber available on the app in Italy and Rome.
The different types of Uber are available on the app in Italy.

Different Types Of Uber You Can Take In Italy 

In larger cities like Rome you’ll have a few different options on which type of car you can hail through your Uber app: 

🚕 Uber Taxi – This is the newest and most common form of Uber in Italy. This service sends a metered taxi to your location through your phone’s GPS, and estimates the metered fare for you ahead of time. It seats 4 passengers max. 

🚘 Uber Black – Uber Black is a more up-scale version of the traditional Uber X service that’s most commonly used in the United States. It seats 4 passengers max. 

🚐 Uber Van – Uber Van is the larger version of Uber Black. It’s also a high-end car service but with room for up to 6 passengers. 

🥂 Uber Lux – Uber Lux is the highest tier of Uber cars available in Italy, it seats 4 people max. 

Is There Uber Eats In Italy? 

There is Uber Eats in Italy and it’s commonly used in larger metropolitan cities.

While there is Uber Eats delivery service available in Italy, it’s located in its own app. Meaning to use Uber ride-hailing service and Uber Eats food delivery services in Italy you will have to download two separate apps. 

a picture of the blue waters in the canals in venice, italy. Venice is just one of many cities in Italy that now has access to uber due to their 2022 partnership with the ITaxi app.
Venice (Photo from Canva).

Is Uber Legal In Italy?

Uber IS Legal in Italy in 2023 – that being said, there was a long road strewn with various legal battles to get there. 

Uber began operations in Italy in 2013 in major cities like Milan and Rome. 

In 2017 Uber was successfully sued by Italy’s taxi association – as a result, Uber was blocked from operating standard ride-hailing in the country.

In Italy, traditional taxis are strictly regulated. Getting a taxi medallion in Rome for example costs a taxi driver thousands of Euros, and the licensing process is lengthy. 

When Uber popped up in the 2010s offering rides that were competitively priced with traditional taxis, but requiring a minimal licensing process for drivers, Uber was deemed unfair competition by the Italian courts. 

After this ruling, Uber was only allowed to run its more high-end “Black Car” service because as a luxury transfer service, it was deemed not in competition with traditional cabs. 

In 2022 Uber got around the ruling by expanding its services in Italy to include traditional taxis. 

Now, you can hail legally traditional metered taxis directly through your Uber app in most cities in Italy, as well as use the app to call Uber Black and Uber Lux car services.

screenshot from the Uber app showing that You can call an Uber Black and a traditional taxi on the Uber App in Rome and Italy.
You can call an Uber Black and a traditional taxi on the Uber App in Italy.

Taxis Vs. Uber In Italy 

I remember when I was studying abroad in Rome and I took a taxi cab with my mother in the center of the city. Neither of us spoke Italian, but I had been there a few months and I knew how to get from point A to point B. 

The taxi driver we hailed off the streets of Rome (unbeknownst to us) was taking us the “scenic route” around the city. AKA, driving us around in circles to inflate the metered fare! 

So, in my personal opinion, I would always rather take a tracked taxi service like Uber instead of hailing a random cab off the street. 

However, outside of large cities like Milan, Turin, Bologna, and Rome, there is practically no Uber available. 

Instead, you can use the Uber App to hail traditional metered cabs in smaller cities in Italy. The Uber App will provide you with an estimated fare and length of trip so the above scam does not happen. 

In areas without Uber in Italy, your best bet is to take a cab, travel the country via guided tours that include transportation, rent your own car, or use local transport like buses, trains, and local taxis. 

Keep reading this guide for more information on how to travel Italy in areas where there’s no Uber available! ⤵️

screenshot From Tripadvisor.com where User Reverie1947 details how they were scammed taking a taxi from an airport in Italy. 
From Tripadvisor.com where User Reverie1947 details how they were scammed taking a taxi from an airport in Italy. 

Can You Take Uber From The Airports In Italy To Your Hotel? 

While you CAN hail an Uber Black car directly from most major International airports in Italy, I would recommend arranging airport transportation ahead of time instead. ➡️ Check Out Airport Transportation Options Here!

Why Arrange Airport Transportation Ahead Of Time In Italy? 

💰 It’s cheaper – Both Uber Black cars and traditional taxis are quite pricey from the airports in Italy. 

🚩 Less Scams – Italian taxi drivers have a bad reputation when dealing with foreign tourists. 

It’s not 100% guaranteed there will be Ubers available to call at the airport when you arrive, especially if your flight is landing late at night. 

🚨 It’s Arguably Safer – I’m a big fan of Uber because it’s a tracked taxi service, which in my opinion makes it safer than just hailing taxis off the street. 

That being said, as I mentioned above it’s not 100% guaranteed there will be any Uber cars available when you arrive at the airport in Italy. 

For that reason, I highly recommend arranging airport transportation ahead of your arrival at airports in Italy ⤵️

a picture of the pantheon in rome, italy. Rome is one of many cities in italy that has access to uber.
The Pantheon in Rome (Photo from Canva).

Cities In Italy That Have Uber

These are all the cities in Italy that have the Uber app enabled – that being said, Uber Black is only readily available in larger cities like Rome & Milan. 

In other smaller cities in Italy, Uber works by hailing traditional taxis that use a meter to your location through the app. 

List of cities in Italy where there is Uber available (From Uber’s Website)

Agrigento -Alessandria – Ancona – Aosta – Arezzo – Ascoli Piceno – Asti – Avellino – Barletta – Belluno – Benevento – Biella – Bolognia – Brindisi – Caltanissetta – Campobasso – Carbonia – Catanzaro – Chieti – Cosenza – Cremona – Crotone – Cuneo – Enna – Fermo – Foggia – Forlì – Frosinone – Gorizia – Grosseto – Imperia – Isernia – L’Aquila – La Spezia – Latina – Lecce – Lecco – Lodi – Lucca – Macerata – Mantova – Massa – Matera – Milan – Nuoro – Oristano – Perugia – Pesaro Urbino – Pordenone – Potenza – Ragusa – Ravenna – Rieti – Rome – Rovigo – Savona – Siena – Siracusa – Sondrio – Taranto – Teramo – Terni – Trapani – Treviso – Turin – Verbania – Vercelli – Vibo Valentia – Viterbo

a picture of the Colosseum in rome, italy. Rome is one of many cities in italy that has access to uber.
The Colosseum in Rome (Photo from Canva).

Is There Uber In Rome, Italy?

Good news – there IS Uber available in Rome, Italy, in 2023. Rome is a large city in Italy so you have the option to take Uber Taxi, Uber Black, Uber Van, and Uber Lux. 

Getting To/From Rome’s Airports 

What you need to know about getting to/from the airports in Rome: 

✈️ There are two airports in Rome, Fiumicino (FCO) and Ciampino (CIA).

✈️ Taxis charge a fixed rate to go to/from the airports in Rome – Fiumicino is currently 48€, and Ciampino is 30€. 

✈️ You can also take Uber Black or Uber Lux from the airports in Rome, but for the same price (or less) I recommend arranging airport transportation ahead of time. 

3 Day Trips From Rome – How To Get Around Without Uber

Uber only works within Rome’s city borders, so if you want to take day trips from the city to popular tourist attractions:

a photo of pompeii archeological site with vesuvius volcano in the background.
Pompeii (Photo from Canva)

1. Pompeii, Amalfi Coast and Positano Guided Day Trip from Rome

A day trip from Rome to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast is a must-see experience for travelers seeking a glimpse into ancient history and stunning natural scenery. 

Taking a guided tour is the easiest way to visit both sites in one day.

This tour has transportation and admission to Pompeii’s archeological site included. The tour promises an unforgettable adventure with knowledgeable guides and breathtaking views.

the tuscan countryside as seen from above during golden hour.
Tuscany (Photo from Canva).

2. Tuscany Day Trip from Rome including 3-Course Lunch and Wine Tasting

If you’re looking for an amazing way to spend a day outside Rome and experience the beauty of the Italian countryside, then look no further than this tour! 

This fantastic tour includes AC transportation, a 3-course lunch, and wine tasting at an authentic Tuscan winery, and a professional English-speaking guide to ensure you have the best possible experience. 

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and explore the picturesque hills of Tuscany, taste some of the best wine in the world, and indulge in delicious food. It’s a day you won’t forget!

the florence Duomo as seen from above.
Florence (Photo from Canva).

3. Small-Group Tour: Florence and Pisa Day Trip from Rome

Looking for a way to see two of Italy’s most famous cities in one trip? Look no further than the guided tour to Florence and Pisa from Rome! 

Marvel at the stunning architecture and art in Florence, and take the obligatory photo with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

This tour includes transfers from/to your hotel, a professional guide, and all admission tickets, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

a couple riding a vespa in Rome, Italy. Renting a vespa is a good alternative to renting a car or using taxi hailing apps like Uber in Rome.
If you’re staying in cities like Rome I recommend renting a Vespa instead of a car! (Photo from Canva).

Do I Need A Car To Get Around In Italy? 

Your experience while traveling in Italy can be greatly enriched by renting a car and driving yourself – that being said, you do not need a car to get around in Italy! 

Italy has a fantastic public train system that runs between larger metro hubs like Naples, Milan, Florence, Rome, Etc – and when there’s no train service you can usually depend on buses, or in some cases even ferries! 

Within cities, there are also usually fantastic public transportation options to help travelers and locals alike get from point A to point B. 

However, if you wish to explore quaint little Tuscan villages in the countryside, or find other hidden gems where few tourists 

If you want to rent a car and explore Italy at your own pace, I recommend using 👉 Discover Cars 

➡️ Check Out Car Rental Prices & Availability In Italy Here! 

💡 Tip: If you’re staying within a city like Rome, Naples, Florence, etc, I wouldn’t recommend renting a car as there is very little parking! 

👉 Staying In Rome? Consider a Vespa Scooter Rental! They’re so fun -> Check Rates Here

Uber In Italy: FAQs

Popular questions people have about using Uber in Rome & Italy:

Do You Tip Taxi Drivers In Italy?

Tipping isn’t customary in Italy like it is in the United States, and taxi/Uber drivers do not expect a tip for their services. 

If a driver goes out of his or her way to assist you, it’s okay to suggest a small tip, but they might refuse it. 

Is Uber Cheaper Than A Taxi In Italy?

There is no traditional Uber, also known as “Uber X” in Italy – instead, you can only use the app to hail Uber Black cars, which is a more high-end service. 

Because of this, traditional taxis can be cheaper than using Uber in Italy. 

However, since you can use the Uber app to hail traditional metered taxis, I still recommend downloading the app even if you’re traveling Italy on a budget! 

Is There Lyft In Rome? 

There unfortunately is no Lyft in Rome as of 2023. 

What Is The Italian Version Of Uber?

The Italian version of Uber is ITaxi, which is an app that hails metered taxis to your location through GPS in your phone. 

ITaxi merged with Uber in 2022, so now you can just use Uber as the main taxi-hailing app while in Italy.  

Tuscan countryside (Photo from Canva).

Conclusion: Is There Uber In Italy?

Thank you for reading to the end of this article! I hope I was able to answer all of your questions. 

Just to recap, there IS Uber in Italy – it’s been present in the country since 2013. 

While Uber went through some legal trouble in Italy in 2017, it’s now more prevalent in the country than ever before due to a partnership with Italian taxi app It Taxi in 2022. 

Unfortunately, there is no Uber X, which is the standard Uber service, in Italy. 

Instead, you can use you can now use the Uber app in Italy to call Uber Black cars, which is a more high-end version of Uber’s standard car service, in larger cities like Milan, Rome, and Bologna. 

In smaller cities in Italy, you can also use the Uber app to hail traditional metered taxis to your location through your phone’s GPS. 

Hailing traditional metered taxis is the most common way Uber is currently being used in Italy in 2023.

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