Is there Uber in Morocco in 2023? Complete Guide!

There is no Uber in Morocco in 2023 – Instead, there are some Uber Alternatives like Careem.

I traveled throughout Morocco for many months in the past few years, and I know that there are many insider tips for using taxis and ride-hailing apps in the country.

While there might not be Uber in Morocco, there are many other ride-hailing apps available!

Keep reading for a complete guide on how to get around Morocco without Uber in 2023.

Jemaa el fna in marrakech. You can take a taxi or ride-hailing app to the square, but cars are not allowed inside the old medina.

Is There Uber in Morocco in 2023? 

In 2018 Uber discontinued all of its services in Morocco, just two years after it started in the country, due to a rampant Taxi Mafia problem pushing Uber drivers out of the country and harassing passengers. 

I’ve written about my problems with the Balinese Taxi Mafia and Mexican Taxi Mafia – Basically, anywhere there’s a lot of tourism, a taxi mafia has the potential to form so they can monopolize the use and control the price of transportation.

In Uber’s absence, a few different taxi-hailing apps have started operating in Morocco.

Keep reading for a complete guide on how to use Morocco’s most popular Uber alternatives. 

🚨 NOTE!!! Uber and other ride-hailing apps cannot pick you up directly from the airport in Morocco, and tourists are constantly getting scammed by the taxi drivers there – I recommend always booking a private shuttle service from the airport to your hotel ▶︎ Book Yours Now!

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Uber Alternatives in Morocco: Careem, Roby, Heetch, & Yassir  

Uber is no longer available in Morocco as of 2018, but there are a few Uber alternatives that you can use to get around in Morocco.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about the Careem, Roby, Heetch, and Yassir apps. 

The Careem app which works as an uber alternative in morocco.

🚕 All about Careem App in Morocco 

Careem is an alternative to Uber that works throughout the Middle East in the following countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. 

Careem currently only operates in Rabat, Casablanca, and Tangier in Morocco. 

The Careem app which is an uber alternative in morocco

How to use the Careem app

Careem in Morocco operates similarly to Uber, all you need is your telephone number and the app to sign up. 

If you download Careem once, you can use it in all the different countries it operates in. 

Once you download Careem you’ll have to put in your phone number and get a confirmation code to create an account. 

Careem worked with my Google Voice number, which is very helpful as an international traveler because I wouldn’t have to create a new account every time I switched countries and got a new SIM card. 

Careem operates just like Uber, it uses your GPS location to call taxis. 

Careem is very affordable, a ride from Tangier city center to the airport is only 100 Moroccan Dirhams ($10). 

You will probably have to pay cash for any of your trips, even if they’re called through an app. 

the roby app which is an alternative to uber in morocco

🚕 All about Roby App in Morocco 

Unlike Careem, the Roby app works exclusively in Morocco. 

Roby is similar to Careem and Uber in the way that it’s a taxi-hailing app, but Roby only works with officially registered taxis instead of private drivers. 

The cities Roby should be available in include Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Agadir, Tangier, and Fes, but it depends on if there are taxis available to call. 

Roby calculates the distance of your trip for you and uses the official taxi metered fare to estimate your payment. 

All official taxis in Morocco have a meter, but it’s very hard to get taxi drivers to turn it on. They would rather negotiate the price of the fare up front, especially with foreigners. 

the roby app which is an uber alternative in morocco

How to use the Roby App 

Roby should work in any major city in Morocco where there are official taxis. Roby isn’t a service that has its own drivers, it just calls the city’s official taxis to your location. 

Like Uber and Careem, you need to sign up for Roby with your mobile number. 

Roby lets you sign up with your WhatsApp number, so you don’t need a Moroccan local SIM card and phone number to use it. 

Roby lets you order rides and schedule rides ahead of time, just like Uber, but it’s not a service that controls the cars like Uber does. Roby is just an intermediate service that calls taxis, for a small fee. 

There have been some problems with people arranging ahead of time for taxi rides through Roby and no cars showing up because Roby doesn’t know when there will be taxis available – the Roby app just alerts them. 

There have also been issues with people not being charged the fare Roby estimates because some taxi drivers don’t want to charge the correct metered fare to tourists. 

Roby is great (when it works) because it operates in cities Careem doesn’t work in and it helps foreigners get around Morocco at fair prices. 

the heetch app which is an uber alternative in morocco

🚕 All About the Heetch App in Morocco 

Heetch is another taxi-hailing app that works like Roby, it doesn’t have its own drivers – it just calls the city’s official taxis to your location and estimates the metered fare.

Heetch is an international taxi app that also works in France, Angola, Algeria, Belgium, Malta, and Senegal, as well as Morocco. 

Heetch only works in Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakech in Morocco.

the yassir app which is an alternative to uber in morocco

🚕 All about the Yassir App in Morocco 

Yassir was started in Algeria and launched in Morocco in 2019.

Yassir is the only “super app” in Morocco that not only offers taxi-hailing services like Heetch and Roby but also offers food and package delivery services. 

You need to download a separate app, Yassir Express, to use the delivery service in Morocco, and the traditional Yassir app works similarly to the other ride-hailing applications on this list, by connecting taxi drivers and riders. 

A story from someone getting scammed at casablanca station by taxis.
– Story from user bill9786 on Tripadvisor.com

🚨 Tourists getting scammed by taxi drivers is unfortunately very common in Morocco – MAKE SURE to ✈️ arrange transfers from airports and train stations ahead of time, and use apps like Careem to travel within cities whenever possible!

Uber in Casablanca 

There is no Uber in Casablanca, but the Moroccan alternative to Uber, the Careem app, works in Casablanca.

The only place you shouldn’t depend on Careem in Casablanca is when you’re coming to or from the airport, especially if you’re departing from the airport.

Taxi drivers at the airports in Morocco have a reputation for preying on tourists and operating as a mob. There are lots of stories from tourists about being scammed at the airports in Morocco.

💡 Tip! It’s actually cheaper to arrange private transportation ahead of time from Casablanca airport than using the taxis there!

Start your trip to Morocco off on the right foot and just pre-arrange airport transfer, either through your hotel or through the link below ⤵

The old souks in marrakech where cars and ubers can't operate during the daytime

Uber in Marrakech 

There is no longer Uber or Careem in Marrakech.

If you want to call a taxi off of an app in Marrakech you have to use the Roby or Heetch applications that call the city’s official taxis to your location.

Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash

How to Get From Marrakech Airport to the City Center 

The Marrakech Menara Airport is only a 12-minute drive from the Old Medina, which is where most tourists stay. 

Even though a 12-minute taxi ride in Marrakech should only be around 30 Moroccan Durhams ($3), getting picked up from the airport terminal involves other taxes and fees that make it closer to $10. 

Taxi drivers tend to charge upwards of 300 Moroccan Durhams $30) from the Marrakech airport, and are known for massively overcharging tourists. 

It’s said that the taxis at the airport are part of an organized taxi gang that intimidates tourists into paying exorbitant rates. 

Taxi drivers at the airport are aggressive, and the easiest, safest, and usually cheapest way to get from the Marrakech Menara Airport is by arranging a ✈️ private transfer service ahead of time. 

How Much is a Taxi from Marrakech Airport to the City?

A one-way trip from Marrakech Menara Airport to the city center shouldn’t cost more than 100 Moroccan Durhams ($10). However, the taxi drivers at the Marrakech airport frequently charge tourists at least 300 Moroccan Durhams ($30) for the same trip. 

✈️ Is It Easy to Get a Taxi at Marrakech Airport?

While it’s easy to get a taxi at Marrakech airport, it’s incredibly difficult to get a fair price as a foreigner. The taxi drivers at the Marrakech Menara Airport are reported to be in an organized gang that overcharges and intimidates tourists to pay more. 

I would recommend arranging for ✈️ private transportation ahead of time because it’s cheaper and you won’t have to deal with any scammers. 

Photo of taxis in morocco
Photo by Lee Blanchflower on Unsplash

Everything You Need to Know About Taking a Taxi in Morocco 

Taxis in Morocco are called “Petit Taxis”. You’ll find them everywhere on the street in all cities. 

The taxis have different colors depending on which city you’re in, for example in Casablanca Petit Taxis are Red, in Rabat they’re blue, and in Marrakech they’re yellow.  

If you’re just one person a Petit Taxi in Morocco will frequently pick up other passengers along the way to fill the car, similar to Uber Pool. 

✔️ Negotiating a price 

The taxis hailed off the street in Morocco rarely have a meter running. Instead, you need to haggle the price before you get in the cab. 

It’s always annoying to have to haggle in Morocco for taxis, especially if you’re a foreigner. The first price quoted will usually be 2-10x the normal rate. 

✔️ Grand Taxis 

Grand Taxis are the name for shared taxis in Morocco.

They’re usually a minivan or an SUV, and cost a portion of what a normal trip would. 

The downside of shared taxis is you need to wait for the Grand Taxi to fill with passengers before the driver departs. 

If you’re traveling a popular route, the car could fill up quickly – and if you’re going somewhere more remote it could take hours. 

For example, we took a shared taxi from Marrakech to Imlil, which is a village in the High Atlas Mountains. Our shared taxi from the large city left almost immediately because there were lots of people waiting for cabs.

But, when we tried to take a shared taxi back to the city from a small village we were told it would be a two-hour wait for the cab to fill up! 

If you get tired of waiting you can pay for the unfilled spots on a Grand Taxi to start your trip immediately. 

✔️ The Difference Between Grand and Petit Taxis in Morocco 

The main difference between Petit Taxis and Grand Taxis is that Grand Taxis only go between towns and cities, and Petit Taxis operate within a city. 

For example, you could take a Grand Taxi from Marrakech to Casablanca, and then a Petit Taxi from the train station in Casablanca to your hotel. 

a tourist hailing a taxi in morocco
(Photo from Canva)

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Taxi scams in Morocco

Morocco doesn’t have the best reputation with travelers, and that’s because there’s a higher-than-average amount of travel scams in Moroco you need to watch out for.

Avoid these taxi scams on your next trip to Morocco! 

🚩 Petit Taxis That Won’t Stop for More Than One Person

This isn’t really a scam, it’s more of a cultural practice that’s very foreign to non-Moroccans. 

Taxis that operate within a city are called “Petit Taxis’ in Morocco. They can pick up 3 passengers at once. 

Petit taxis are paid for by the ride and not by the passenger, but they can pick up more than one ride at a time, similar to how “Uber Pool” operates. 

This practice started so empty seats on private taxi rides wouldn’t go to waste, but it’s become a little scammy due to taxi drivers’ greed. 

Petit taxi drivers can make 3x the money on a ride by taking 3 single passengers doing 3 separate trips, than if they took a group of three on one trip. 

Because of this, some taxi drivers refuse to pick up more than one or two passengers, even if their car has room for three or four. 

So, if you’re traveling in a group in Morocco and you can’t hail a cab, consider splitting up and hailing one cab per person. It’s a massive headache, but it’s how petit taxis operate in Morocco. 

🚩 “The Meter is Broken” Taxi Scam 

Official taxis in the major cities in Morocco all have a meter. The problem is that they never want to turn it on, especially for foreigners. 

A lot of taxi drivers will lie and say their meter is broken so they don’t have to turn it on. If they refuse to turn on the meter, you need to negotiate the price of the ride up-front. 

This is a big headache for tourists who don’t know the correct rate for a trip.  

🚩 The “No Change” Taxi Scam 

This one happens with taxi drivers all over the world. Basically, a taxi driver will say they don’t have any change for your large bills and expect to pocket the extra. 

In Morocco, it goes a step further. Sometimes taxi drivers will give your large bill to a boy on the street to go and “make change’ for you, and then say the boy ran off with it. Then they expect you to pay twice! 

🚩 The Incorrect Change Scam 

Again, this one happens everywhere. A taxi might just give you incorrect change, and expect you don’t know the difference as a foreigner. 

🚩 The Baksheesh Taxi Scam 

I fell for this one in Egypt. Baksheesh means “tip” in North Africa, and people are always asking for “Baksheesh” from foreigners for every little thing. 

With taxis, it’s a bit more sinister. A taxi driver doesn’t typically expect a tip in Morocco, but some drivers will intimidate and yell at riders until they cough up a huge tip. 

It’s more of a problem in Egypt than in Morocco, but something to keep in mind! 

Taxis driving to pick up passengers. Taxi scams are very common in morocco, and tourists get robbed frequently when hailing taxis off the street.

Uber in Morocco: FAQs 

Is There a Taxi App in Morocco?

Yes! You can use the Careem app to call unofficial taxis, similar to Uber, in Rabat, Casablanca, and Tangier. 

In other cities like Agadir and Marrakech, you can use a taxi-hailing app like Roby or Heetch. These apps call licensed taxis to you and calculate the meter fare. 

What is Equivalent to Uber in Morocco?

Careem is the equivalent of Uber in Morocco, but it’s currently only available in Rabat, Casablanca, and Mohammedia.

A picture of a taxi in casablanca, in morocco
Photo by Ammar El Attar on Unsplash

How Much is a Taxi from Casablanca Airport to City Center?

If you use the Careem app you can get a taxi from Casablanca airport to the city center, near the seaside, for a little over 300 Moroccan Durhams ($30). The taxis at Casablanca airport offer a similar rate.

I recommend hiring a ✈️ private driver to pick you up at the Casablanca airport terminal ahead of time.

👉  Click here to arrange a private transfer from Casablanca Airport to your hotel for less than the taxis charge. 

What is the Best Way to Get Around Morocco?

The best way to get around Morocco is by using buses and trains to travel between cities, and then by taxis or private drivers within a city center.  

How Do You Get Around in Marrakech?

The best way to get around in Marrakech is a mix of driving and walking. Cars aren’t allowed inside the Old Medina during daylight hours, and many streets within the souks aren’t big enough for cars. 

So, using a car service to get around outside of the Old Medina and traveling by foot within the souks is the best way to see Marrakech. 

Is Marrakech a Walkable City?

Not only is Marrakech a walkable city, you actually can’t drive cars in the old town during daytime hours!  

How Much do You Tip in Morocco?

Tipping in Morocco isn’t that common – if you feel like you had good service you can tip 10% or round up your tab. 

Do Taxis in Marrakech Take Credit Cards?

Taxis in Marrakech usually only take cash. 

What is the Best Way to Pay for Things in Morocco?

Cash is still king in Morocco! The best way to pay for things in Morocco, from hotels to taxi rides, is always with cash. You can easily get cash with foreign debit cards by using bank-affiliated ATMs.

The old town souks in the marrakech medina, where cars, ubers, and taxis cannot drive in the daytime because the streets are too small.

Uber in Morocco: Conclusion 

I hope this guide to getting around in Morocco helps you on your next trip!

Just to recap, there has been no Uber in Morocco since 2018, but a variety of Uber alternative apps have started in its absence. 

You can use the most popular Uber alternative app, Careem, in the cities of Rabat, Casablanca, and Tangier in Morocco. 

In Marrakech, you can use the taxi-hailing apps Heetch and Roby.

🚨 If you’re coming from the airport in either ✈️ Casablanca or ✈️ Marrakech I always recommend arranging for a private driver to pick you up at the airport instead of relying on an app or using a taxi because the drivers there are aggressive and have a reputation for scamming tourists.

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