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6 BEST Ubud Beach Clubs in 2024 – All of Ubud’s Pool Clubs Ranked!

Visiting an iconic beach club like Finns or La Brisa is one of the best things to do in Bali. However, since Ubud is landlocked it doesn’t have the same type of beach clubs as Canggu. Instead of having a beach, Ubud has made a name for itself for out-of-this-world Pool and day clubs.

Ubud is Bali’s Cultural Capital. Please enjoy my non-touristy local’s guide to spending one fantastic day.

6 Best Pool Clubs in Ubud

1. Omma Dayclub

Okay, forget about beach clubs for a second, because Omma Dayclub is something even better – It’s a WATERFALL CLUB! That’s right, a waterfall. Omma is the only club in Bali with a direct view of a natural waterfall. Tegenungan Waterfall is a tourist attraction in its own right, and one of the largest in the Ubud area, but visiting it via Omma Dayclub is an extra-special experience. If you’re coming to Ubud and want a unique adventure you can’t get anywhere else on the island, I highly recommend spending a day at Omma.

Omma doesn’t charge a general entrance fee for their club, instead, you only need to pay 20K IDR (around $1) to enter the Tegenungan Waterfall complex. Since Omma is located in a river gorge, it doesn’t get a ton of direct sunlight. I recommend going to Omma Dayclub in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest and brightest to get the most out of your time there.

Katie’s Tips ✶

Try the swing over the river gorge at Omma!!! It has direct waterfall views and it’s my favorite high-swing in Ubud – Perfect for adrenaline junkies.

2. Cretya & Alas Harum 

Cretya is one of the newest and hottest day clubs in Ubud! It’s an outpost of Ubud’s Alas Harum, which is a one-stop spot for all tourist activities in Ubud, like rice terraces, coffee-tasting, high-swings, and nest photo spots. Cretya Ubud doesn’t have a membership but instead charges a 50K IDR ($3.50) entry fee, which includes access to all of Alas Harum and the pools. You need to pay extra for things like the high swing, coffee tasting, and zip-lining. Cretya also has varying levels of minimum spend required to use the cabanas and floating nets by the pool area, but their restaurant with gorgeous rice-terrace views, as well as access to all the pools, are included in your entrance ticket. 

Katie’s Tips ✶

Alas Harum is good for families, but Cretya is mostly adult-oriented and has a pool bar.

Titi Batu Day Club in Ubud which has one of the best gyms in ubud, bali.

3. Titi Batu 

Titi Batu is a fantastic all-in-one club in Ubud that has a skate park, children’s playground, pool, restaurant, co-work, gym, and sauna. They sell both day passes and monthly memberships, and I’ve held membership there for the past couple of months because they have one of the few air-conditioned gyms in Ubud. Their restaurant has both a vegan and non-vegan menu, and it’s a great space to get some work done or if you have kids. Titi Batu also frequently hosts events like live music, movie nights, and even water balloon fights! 

Katie’s Tips ✶

Titi Batu is one of the most family-friendly day clubs in Ubud!

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PARQ is a huge complex in north Ubud that has boutiques, restaurants, event space, a pool, CoWork, as well as the largest air-conditioned gym in Ubud. PARQ is good for families who want to relax, but it doesn’t have as much to do as other full-service day clubs on this list like Alas Harum or Titi Batu. PARQ doesn’t charge an entrance fee for its complex or restaurant, only if you want to visit the gym or saunas. 

5. D’Tukad River & Adventure Club 

D’Tukad is perfect for people who just want a good time. Designed like a massive jungle treehouse, D’Tukad is another waterfall club, positioned on top of Tegenungan Waterfall just 30 minutes south of Ubud Center. In addition to their day club, D’Tukad also has an adventure club that offers adventure tours such as rafting, tubing, ATV rides, and high swings. 

Getting model-like shots at Kampo Lampo Waterfall has become a not-to-miss activity in Bali.

6. Folk Pool & Gardens 

Folk Pool & Gardens is a bit of a hidden gem – Located behind Ubud’s No Mas bar (which is the best place to watch live music in town!) you can find Folk Pool & Gardens. Folk Pool & Gardens is a great space to chill out and have lunch in a poolside cabana or watch a movie in their open-air theater. Folk Pool & Gardens also has a swim-up bar. This club doesn’t charge an entrance fee or offer membership, but there’s a small charge per person to use the pool. 

Katie’s Tips ✶

Folk Pools & Gardens is located behind No Mas Bar – which is the best place to see live music in Ubud.

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